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Remote working is making the process of onboarding newcomers even more difficult. With this simple coding dojo your team will have fun and get to know each other while improving their coding skills.

The life of a gold miner is a difficult one, every single day has to enter in a darkening mine, look for gold nuggets and return, most of the time, with empty hands, willing that next day will be a better one. Differences aside, the life of a developer has…

OKRs can help your team to focus, measure and communicate better. Let me show you how to successfully implement them in a Development Team

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When a year comes to an end many people run internal retrospectives to depict what went well, what could be improved and what needs to be changed. Then we usually set a number of goals waiting to accomplish all of them but, unfortunately for the majority of us, after 3–4…

Most software development performance metrics suffer from 2 major deficiencies. Here are the 4 KPIs that will help you avoid those pitfalls.

After reading “Technology Radar” from Thoughtworks, I decided to buy a book they recommend in one of the chapters. Accelerate by Nicole Forsgren presents a scientific approach to productivity in modern software development. After reviewing 2000 organizations, Forsgren outlines key takeaways on how to improve your company culture and performance.

Javier Hertfelder

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